Hey guys I’m gonna be real with you here right now, I really wasn’t having enough energy to make YouTube videos anymore. So I figured out that you all want something more from this channel and I understand that completely. It’s just that I tend to steer towards games that I already own instead of new ones coming out in the near future so that’s why you see a lot of Call Of Duty, Halo, GTA, and all that instead of something like Battlefield 1 or Rust. So from now on I’m gonna try and diversify this channel into something greater than I initially realized when I first created this channel way back in 2008 when it was just a playlist that I thought I could get views off of and make money from. Then in 2010, I started making videos and almost 7 years later and now I’m in a pickle whether to continue the channel or not. So I’m officially gonna do what I think is best and make the videos you all will be proud of me for making and I will be there enjoying the show right alongside you as well. Sorry to take up most of your time with this long ass blog post but I wanted to get this off my chest before I move forward with more exciting content on my YouTube channel. Anyway this has been PiratesTheMaster sailing off into the sunset with you all, my subscribers. Alright everybody cheers and I’ll see you all in the next one.


Conor Healy



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