Yes you read that title correctly my first ever Halo montage will be making it’s way to the YouTube space in the near future when I get enough clips it’ll be longer than 2-5 minutes so around 10 if i get enough. Haha enjoy me getting kills with the Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, … More HALO MONTAGE!


It’s official my first ever album will be releasing on Google Play in January 2015! I really hope you all enjoy the songs and have a nice day! Of course closer to release I’ll give out the release date and price. Later!


Updated the blog and YouTube channel so don’t forget to stick around and help me with world domination…haha just kidding anyway thank you for all the support you guys have been giving me. Don’t forget the album I’m still working on it so sit tight on that. Thank you all again and stay tuned in … More Update!

Call Of Duty Time!

Hey ladies and gentlemen it’s Call Of Duty time again so look forward to a bunch of Advanced Warfare videos on my YouTube channel this week and for the next year or so along with other games, music, or whatever content I feel like putting out there for the masses to consume with their two … More Call Of Duty Time!